Center of Innovative Immunodiagnostic Development (CIID)


CIID is a research and development center found in 2017 to support the Innovation Hub-Ageing Society project, which is dedicated to building innovation-based economy in alignment with the Thailand 4.0's policy. The establishment of this center is a collaborative effort between Biomedical Technology Research Center and Center of Biomolecular Therapy and Diagnostic, which possess exceptional expertise in the development of immunodiagnostic kits across the upstream, midstream, and downstream stages, in addition to extensive experience in manufacturing commercial diagnostic kits

The researchers at CIID acknowledge the importance of research, development, and production of diagnostic kits in various formats, to facilitate the diagnosis of major diseases impacting the health of Thai population. With this awareness, our center is committed to continuous improvement of our operations to meet the international standards, to support the manufacturing of high-performance diagnostic products that meet the requirements for commercialization. Our goal is for CIID to serve as a one-stop hub for the diagnostic technology development, with active participation in various areas such as knowledge accumulation, skilled workforce training, establishment of management and production systems, and collaboration between academia and the private sector, both domestically and internationally.

  • Antibody-based technologies
  • Development of immunodiagnostic kits

Objectives and scope

  • To establish the Center of Innovative Immunodiagnostic Development (CIID) and ensure that its operations and management adhere to the international standards for manufacturing of commercial diagnostic kits
  • To develop diagnostic innovations with high prospects for commercialization
  • To establish spin-off companies and develop business models for the manufacturing and commercialization of diagnostic kits

Products and Services with International Standards

ISO13485:2016 & EN ISO13485:2016, with the following scope: “The manufacture of antibody and conjugation of antibody-colloidal gold for in-vitro diagnostic test kits for lateral-flow immunoassay”

Products and Innovation

Immunochromatographic strip test for the screening of alpha-thalassemia 1 carriers

Immunochromatographic strip test for the screening of alpha-thalassemia 1 carriers

This immunochromatographic strip test enables rapid detection of Hb Bart's in red blood cells, utilizing a specific monoclonal antibody for Hb Bart's capture. It is suitable for the screening of alpha-thalassemia 1 carriers, and has been certified with ISO 13485.


  • Antibody production and purification
  • Design and production of humanized antibodies
  • Construction of immunochromatographic strip test prototypes
  • HIV protease inhibitor screening

Equipment and Facilities

  • Flow cytometer
  • Protein purification system
  • WAVE system


Center of Innovative Immunodiagnostic Development (CIID)

 +66 5393 5070

Center of Innovative Immunodiagnostic Development (CIID)
Building 1, Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai 50200